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American Graffiti
After an intensive period of the festival, you might think Sunday left untouched but no! In contrast, we are turning on the big drum by presenting two magical acts ,one making this their second gig at the film festival. Musical artist Hans Appelqvist invites us on a Sunday mist in the form of fantasies set to music of the animal world. In collaboration with KB West presented the newly established group Amazon.

Friends Gustav Ejstes (Dungen), Amanda Hollingby (Idiot Wind), Nils Törnqvist (Little Majorette), Petter Winnberg (Little Majorette) and Pontus Winnberg (Miike Snow) decided to make music under the motto that it should not be difficult. They spent a few days in the studio and came up with some ideas. The ideas became songs. The songs for recordings.
The band brings equal parts of their past and the music may take the form accordingly. There is no clear vision of the future, but they will continue as long as it feels good. “If you do not have access to other chemical aids, we hope that this can combine / transform the experience of a drive through Dalarna with / on a journey through big sur. Otherwise, a combination recommended. “Greets Amazon.

Leave Sunday boredom at home and came to Pustervik for one last film festival orgy. (We do not believe the fine folks at GIFF are implying that there have been multiple orgies throughout the festival and that tonight is the final one. We are both saddened and disappointed by this discovery.)
Time: 22:00 to 2:00 a.m.
Tickets: 200 SEK at Pusterviks tickets and
On Stage: His Appelqvist, Amazon
DJs in the club: Stefan Bülow
DJ marathon in the lobby bar from 17:00 to Maja Gödicke, Göran Dahlström, Viktor Småbizzle, Julie Pugsie.

21:45 After Drop audience
22:00 GIG His Appelqvist
23:00 GIG Amazon
01:00 DJ Stephan Bülow
02:00 Closure

Saturday February 2nd


Manifest Galan music video price
Manifest Awards were created to celebrate and reward the artists contracted to independent labels and making their music to the audience. New for 2013 Manifesto Awards is to recognize the growing production of interesting and exciting music videos. This evening awarded the new Music Video Prize as part of the festival program. During the evening displayed nominated videos before the actual ceremony.

Time: 21:00 to 02:00
On Stage: Easy October, Alf, BOA
DJ battle in the club starting at 17:00 from We Are Legend and Rebel Rebel. In the foyer plays Christian Pallin (Colony), Nina Zanjani & Joel Igor, Jonas Schwartz Jonas Kernell, Elin Grelsson ÄLMESTAD.

21:00 Doors open
21:30 GIG BOA
22:00 GIG Easy October
22:30 GIG ALF
23:00 Manifest Gala Awards Ceremony
00:00 DJ Rebel Rebel-vs-We Are Legend
04:00 Closure
large Theatre

Dragon Award
Dragon Awards take place this year on the Great Theatre and the news is that we will be releasing a limited number of tickets for anyone who wants to experience the festival’s Grand Prize gala which include one of the world’s top film awards given out: Best Nordic Film. Galan led by Johanna Koljonen, attended by Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra interpreting David Engellaus music, the composer behind Film Festival vignette movie 2013th
Time: 18:00 to 20:30
Ticket: 595 €.

Dragon Award Afterparty
Time to finish a festival packed week with the appearance of all its art forms. Dragon Award continues with Dragon Awards After Party held in the big club on the Great Theatre with entrance from the back house.

Time: 22:00 to 3:00
On Stage: Zhala visuals of Makode Linde, Music Is The Weapon.
DJs: Raw Fusion, Miss Alabama
Guest performances: Gothenburg Roller Derby
Ticket: £ 195.

Friday, February 1

Today we have a line up that January would be jealous of. With interviews from film maker Orri Jonsson of Grandma Lo-Fi: Basement tapes of Sigridur Nielsdóttir who will bring in music from the film at 12 before the films final screening at 3 at Biopalatset. The one and only Nathalie Bodtker-Lund, Producer of the Göteborg International Film Festival will stop by let us know about tomorrow nights glamorous Gala Party. We will also air pre-recored interviews with Mattias Hellberg from Mattias Hellberg and the Fur Heads, Andre and Samual from Bye Bye Bicycle, Californiaman and Kris from Kristoffer and the Harbor Heads!

Check out today’s film line up today at:


PRESSURE + Clandestino at Pustervik
TRYCK (PRESSURE) is a nonprofit organization for African-Swedish cultural working to highlight black artists and highlight their situation in Sweden. The evening with TRYCK begins with a seminar at 16:00 to 17:00, then it will be opening at 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. where TRYCK will launch a taster from their new cultural works catalog, Blacklist. At 20:00 the evening continues with Clandestino Institut and their artists. Amina Hocine is gothenburg-Algerian singer with eerily beautiful voice and electronic music, reminiscent of Joy Division and David Lynch films. Scout Klas aka Mai Nestor is a DJ who takes us on a progressive journey through everything from cosmic library of UK funky and jungle rhythms. The evening ends by D. Watts Riot, Teneriffabaserad dj mix bass heavy electronica and hip hop with Iraqi choubimusik with Zulu choirs. They and many more will create a wonderfully eclectic, sweaty dance Friday night at Gothenburg’s new international artist agency Clandestino Agency takes over Pustervik.

Time: 20:00 to 4:00 a.m.
On Stage: Amina Hocine, Vole
DJ’s in the club: Scout Klas, D Watts Riot [Teneriffe]
DJ marathon in the lobby bar from 17:00 to Fredrik Disc hall
Clandestino DJ marathon in the lobby bar from 20:00 to Fredrik Disc hall
Sea Lion, Daniel Lemma & Michael Azar, Aleksander Motturi, Love Is All and Simon Ohlsson.

20:00 Doors open
21:00 GIG Amina Hocine
21:40 DJ Scout Klas
22:45 GIG Vole
23:15 DJ Scout Klas
01:00 D Watts Riot (play until closing)
04:00 Closure
Studio Draken

What does skin color matter in Culture Sweden? What stories have portrayed, and by whom? Studio Draken attended by Cultural PRESSURE, consisting of black cultural workers in Sweden, who tells how they work with to examine it and why they have made a blacklist. Jerry Rothwell, director of “Town of runners,” talks about why the movie is actually more than just a movie but still not “another charity.” Anja Daele’s and Nicholas Bonner is visiting us and tells us what it was like to shoot a movie in one of the world’s most closed countries – North Korea. Moreover, Nahid Persson and talks about the work of his new documentary, “My chair revolution,” a personal account of the revolution in Iran.

Each evening we visited a live act, tonight Asa Bergquist.

We also offer Soundtrack Quiz and satire with Nanna Johansson.
28 January -1 February
17:30 to 19:30

Thursday, January 31

Coming to you live from Pustervik, we are off to an amazing start this morning with special guest José González. He will share some of his favorite tracks from films and talk about Junip’s new album Line of Fire set to release this Spring.
Check out Junip’s website for up-coming for tour details and to download the new title track Line of Fire.

Check out today’s film line up today at:

At Pustervik

A MacFest with extra everything
What would be the largest film festival without a Nordic Fest? Nordic Film Market is a meeting place for film industry which traditionally gather at the festival for a mingle. The industry and the audience will be able met at our after party with Nordic focus in cooperation with the Mac Forum and Gothenburg Culture Festival starting at 22:00. First up on stage will be a happy reunion with Quizadillas which last year offered a sensational performance at the City Theatre. On stage Mattias Hellberg & The Fur Heads. For a more festive atmosphere house genius Hans Berg from Berlin will play one of his magical dj-sets with otherworldly visuals by artist Nathalie Djurberg (last date of exhibition at Kunsthalle Red Sten in Gothenburg).

Time: 22:00 to 2:00 a.m.
On Stage: Mattias Hellberg and The Fur Heads
Live set in the club: Hans Berg with visuals by Nathalie Djurberg just been nominated for Nöjesguiden Göteborg Price in the category Art!
DJ marathon in the lobby bar from 17:00 to Complete Grape, Daniel Gilbert
DJ Casita, Francisco.

22:00 Doors open for general public
22:00 Quizadillas
23:00 GIG Mattias Hellberg & The Fur Heads
00:00 DJ Hans Berg & Visuals Nathalie Djurberg (for closing)
02:00 Closure
Studio Draken

Documentary filmmaker Linda Västrik, who are attending the festival with his film “The Dancing Spirits forest”, explains how she ended up in Akkafolket in the Congo rainforest and why she returned again and again to make a movie about them.

How is it to create movie in a country that still has scars from the dictatorship. How is it to return, the child of someone who fled? Dominga Sotomayor, director of Chile (Thursday to Sunday) and Angela Bravo, Swedish / Chilean director, in conversations about boundaries.
Moreover, we let the SFI’s CEO Anna Serner answer the question: How hard can it be? Speaking of gender in the film industry.

Each evening we visited a live act, tonight Hanna and Hanks.

We also offer Soundtrack Quiz and satire with Nanna Johansson.
28 January -1 February
17:30 to 19:30
Wednesday, January 30th

So there’s no let up in the proceedings at the 2013 Gothenburg International Film Festival as happy Wednesday continues to bring everyone at Pustervik, and in Gothenburg, smiles and joy. We’ve had none other than Wallace and Gromit’s main man & Animator Peter Lord in the house today. Peter has been entertaining Pustervik’s guests since 2PM with some unique insights into his career and working life.

Peter Lord isn’t the only big name involved in a seminar today, with provocative Austrian film-maker Ulrich Seidl sharing his unique viewpoints and discussing his films at 3.45. Seidl has directed critically acclaimed and award-winning features such as Dog Days (2011) and Import/ Export (2007). Pustervik is again the host for this interesting chat.

Of course the film festival isn’t just about seminars and music, there’s the films themselves as well. And like every other day at this fine celebration of world cinema, there’s plenty of fascinating films being shown across this sunny city of ours. 8-Ball is in contention for the Dragon Award Best Nordic Film, and you can catch this hard-hitting, gritty Finnish offering at 5.30PM. If you miss it on happy Wednesday, then don’t panic – it’s showing tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.

With so much variety and depth on offer at the festival, lets have a look at a couple of other films showing Wednesday. So why not go and watch Den grona cykeln – the first film to be directed by a Saudi Arabian woman – at Chalmers later on. As well as being the first film directed by a Saudi woman, it’s also the first film to be shot entirely in the Arab state. So come along, get involved and make the most of this wonderful festival. And keep on listening in and supporting Nordic Vibrations for all your festival updates, music and news.

Happy Wednesday, today marks the halfway of the festival but that doesn’t mean things are slowing down at Nordic Vibrations.

With a Sweden Finnish focus GIFF is bringing in guest
Sweden-Finnish tango band Darya & Moonlight Orchestra and DJ Mikko Mattlar
they take us on a journey of 60 and 70 century Finland. The evening begins at
Dragon at 20.00 with the premiere of No real pimple where the band makes unforgettable performances. The festival is organized in cooperation with The Finnish Film Foundation.

At Pustervik Nordic Vibrations will be visited by lovely folks of Djungeltrumman at 1pm. They will be keeping us up to date on all the GIFF events happening during the remainder of the festival. Check out there write up on us!

Later this afternoon we will also be visited by guest DJ Jay Star Seven of Raw Fusion! Make sure to catch Raw Fusion at the GIFF Award After Party on Saturday Feb. 2nd check out the link below for more details.

Tuesday, January 29th

This morning the first of many interesting seminars got underway at Pustervik, as female filmakers Haifa Al Mansour, Ndeye Souna Dieye and Sabiha Sumar came together to discuss the difficulties facing women filmakers across the world. The seminar also touched upon the work of the Göteborg International Film Festival Fund, its international impact and the continuing role of international funding.

Coming up at 2pm there’ll be another interesting seminar taking place at Pustervik as French director Olivier Assayas roles into town to discuss his work. Don’t miss the chance to quiz the very successful filmaker, who made his breakthrough in 1996 with Irma Vep. His latest film is the critically acclaimed Efter Revolutionen, which explores the impact of the turbulent near-revolution in Paris in 1968. The seminar will be held in English.

Later in the day will be visited by the lovely folks from Studio Draken who will give us the low down on today’s session.

Haifa Al Mansour, who made Saudiarbiens first game feature – Wadjda, visits Studio Draken and talks about the challenges of playing it.
How do you find “A Rocky on the Swedish countryside”? Director Gabriela Pichler and cast member Lotta Forsblad talks about why it took almost a year to find the protagonist in the movie Eat sleep die. After that, we hear a conversation between Anneli Jordahl and Gabriela Pichler, if simplified depictions of the Swedish film. Additionally Animator Peter Lord explains why he will not abandon their little old man for computers in the first place.
28 January -1 February
17:30 to 19:30

A big thank you to the English Shop for providing us with wonderful snacks check them out at

Check out today’s film line up today at:

Monday, January 28

Listen in to our interview at 1:30 with Studio Draken Producer Moa Sandblad and Host Mona Masri.

What happens if one refrains from seeing films made by men? We asked Wanda Bendejelloul, currently visiting Studio Draken and she tells what she came up with when she started her blog feminist film solid. Additionally, Ulf Olausson, who worked on films like Fish Tank and Svinalängorna, tells us about one of cinema’s most anonymous profession. We are also visited by the artist duo Bigert & Bergstrand who has made a film about man’s quest to tame the weather’s power for personal gain. And Maja Borg, director of the film Future my Love, explains how a movie that initially focused on economic systems ultimately also became a film about love relationships.

We also offer Soundtrack Quiz and satire with Nanna Johansson.

At Pustervik!

Focus on women with Ladyfest Gothenburg

One of the themes for Monday is the portrayal of women in film, Which will be Discussed at the seminars. After Studio Draken, the evening Continues with Ladyfest Gothenburg’s presentation of a packed program with feminine force. Ladyfest Gothenburg is a feminist organizing group That fights to make Gothenburg’s music scene more equal. It organizes places and events where all are welcome and where mostly women take the stage.

Decoration and video projections by Jennifer Caneva.

Opening hours: 20:00 to 02:00
On stage: Sisters Of, Soil Collectors
DJs in the club: Cat Isabel
DJ marathon in the foyer bar from 17:00 with Malin Nordström, Dangerous, Miss Alabama, Bella and others.
Studio Draken

Musical moods from a northern latitude
Your eyes and ears in Gothenburg for each weeks 5 things